Quest3D Documentation

The Wiki contains channel reference information, tutorials and articles.
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Accessing the forum

Quest3D has an excellent forum with many actively participating users.
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Activation System Manual

Click here to read more about the Quest3D Activation System

Bugs and issues

We have a special section in the forum to report bugs.
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Downloading updates

To download updates you need to sign in first and when you are signed in the downloads are available in the special customer area of our site. The customer area displays all downloads available for the license linked to your account. The first step is to make sure your Lumion license is linked to your forum account. The customer area automatically displays a text box at the top to enter your Lumion license code. When the code is correct you can download your update. Please note that your license must be linked to your online account before you can use Lumion.
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Changing your profile

You can change your name, email, password and similar settings in your profile. You can also select the icons you want to be displayed publicly so you can show to other users what plug-ins you purchased or to show what version of Lumion you are using.
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Contacting Act-3D

The fastest way to get answers is to look in the forum or discuss your questions there.

You can also e-mail us: [email protected]