Quest3D Activation Explained

The Quest3D Activation System

Quest3D licenses are per seat. This means that with 1 Quest3D license you can use Quest3D on 1 PC at a time.

Before you can use Quest3D, you need to activate it.
If you already activated Quest3D and wish to use the license on a different PC, you must de-activate Quest3D.

Important: Both activation and de-activation require an internet connection.

This guide shows you:

  • • How to register a license key.
  • • How to activate Quest3D.
  • • How to de-activate Quest3D.
    Important: De-activation is required if you want to use your activated license on a different PC.
  • • Use Quest3D on multiple machines.

Registering a license

After buying Quest3D, you will receive the license key via e-mail. You have to register the key with your personal account on our website

The menu bar on the website shows two options: Register and Sign-In.

  • • Click ‘Register’ if you do not have an account. After registering, you can ‘Sign In’.
  • • Click ‘Sign In’ to go to the customer area and register the Quest3D license key

  • • Click on ‘Customer Area’
  • • Register the key in the Customer Settings area. The license key in the picture is an example. You should enter the license key in the e-mail you received after buying Quest3D

  • • After registering the license key, you will see all possible Quest3D Downloads in the Customer Area. You can now download and install Quest3D.
  • Note: If you would like to see the key that you registered for your account, click on ‘Account Settings’. You will find the registered product key next to the label ‘Quest3D Product Key’.

Activating Quest3D

    After downloading Quest3D you may install it on multiple PCs. Start Quest3D after you have installed it.
    A log-in screen will appear along with a message that says that you need to activate Quest3D.

    You need to provide the username and password of your personal Quest3D account and click on ‘Login’.
    After logging in, you will be able to use Quest3D.

De-activating Quest3D

    Should you wish to use Quest3D on a different PC, you must de-activate the Quest3D installation which is currently activated.
    You can do this in the ‘Help’ menu, and pressing ‘De-activate’.

    If you already activated Quest3D, you must click on ‘De-Activate’ to de-activate it. Remember to save your work first.
    De-activation requires an internet connection.
    You can now activate Quest3D on a different PC by following the previous steps in the ‘Activating Quest3D’ section above.

Example: Using 1 Quest3D license on 2 PCs

You have 1 Quest3D license and 2 PCs: ‘PC A’ and ‘PC B’.

  • • First, register the Quest3D license with your personal account (See ‘Registering a license’ above).
  • • Download and install Quest3D on ‘PC A’ and ‘PC B’.
  • • To work on PC A, start Quest3D and activate it (See ‘Activating Quest3D’ above).

If you then wish to work on PC B do the following:

  • • De-activate PC A, (See ‘De-Activating Quest3D’ above)
  • • Activate PC B (See ‘Activating Quest3D’ above)

To work on PC A again:

  • • De-activate PC B (See ‘De-Activating Quest3D’ above)
  • • Activate PC A (See ‘Activating Quest3D’ above)