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Author Topic: README: Demos and demo version  (Read 9959 times)
January 13, 2006, 12:28:57 pm
Welcome to this topic!
This topic is about the demos we've released on our website and about the demo version of Quest3D. If you have anything to share with the all users on this forum you are able to post it here. Attached files can also be loaded by users of the demo version of Quest3D.

Quest3D Demo Version
We've have created a special demo version of Quest3D for those who want to try Quest3D themselves. This version has a full set of functions, just like Quest3D Non Commercial or Quest3D Professional and everything works. Saving and publishing is not possible in this demo version. If you would like to download this versions and try it out yourself, please visit the following page:
Dot Quest3D Demo Version

Customer Demos
There are also a number of testimonials on our web site that will show more information on some of our customers. Our customers are in all kinds of different markets, and these testimonials will show some of the possibilities of Quest3D. Some of our customers have some download available. On the following page you can see a list of all testimonials:
Dot Demos

If a Quest3D project has been published to a web site then you will need to install the viewers package. For more information please visit this page:
Dot Quest3D Viewers Package

From time to time when an example is put online on our support page. A number of the demos we've release are already included with Quest3D so they can be loaded into Quest3D itself. Please take a look at the folling page for more examples:
Dot Support: Examples
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