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Author Topic: [3dFoin] Royal Wizard, Halloween Sale: lot of discounts  (Read 791 times)
October 12, 2015, 04:05:08 pm

Hi guys, we have a new model again it's the Royal Wizard:

What's a royal wizard? Are you kidding? Those royal blood lines are the oldest, strongest, and purist blood lines. Royal wizards are most likely to get positions on the wizard council. Seeing as they are the strongest.


Also we're running the HALLOWEEN SALES Cheesy 50% off all items but that's not all, we have 2 new packs which you can buy to get extra discount!!!

The Royal Heroes Pack:

Contains all 6 Royal characters, wizard, sorceress, tanker, knight, dame and archer, enough for you to make a story right? Cheesy Bundle discount + Halloween 50% discount ~~> $6/character XD

And Halloween Horror Creatures Pack Cheesy

With 5 impressive horrific creatures, awesome for any horror game XD Bundle discount + Halloween 50% discount ~~> $4/monster XD

So, what are you waiting for?Huh? XD YAYYYYYYYYYYYY

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