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Author Topic: Water and animation system movies on the Silex3D site.  (Read 23953 times)
June 04, 2010, 01:58:13 pm
Go check out the new movies!
June 04, 2010, 03:22:46 pm
Wow! Shocked
I can't wait to get my hands on this!
June 04, 2010, 04:29:11 pm
Please extend functionality to quest3d  Grin
June 04, 2010, 05:02:58 pm
This is just the beginning Cheesy Today I finished better tone maps and god rays!! Will post images/movies soon.
June 04, 2010, 07:25:48 pm
Fantastic. Cant wait to work with them.  Grin
My comments based on what i saw. I dont know if you have any plan to add them or not. Or already in progress.

1. sss for plants
2. Lod for plants ( Therefore more draw distance)
3. Water edge need more transparency near landscape
4. Parallax map for landscape texture
5. Water wave

I hope you dont forget to add them all in Quest3D too.
June 04, 2010, 08:15:48 pm
There is LOD for plants. Only in the movie render we put the LOD on max.
June 04, 2010, 08:36:10 pm
Cool. Also i forgot about casting clouds shadow on everything. Dont think it would be expensive except for plants (Maybe). But it have a very strong vitual effect.
June 04, 2010, 08:43:43 pm
i guess you guys win your competition this year! Those are the best screens that I have seen in a quest 3d production. I honestly don't think I've seen better realtime screens anywhere!
June 04, 2010, 09:10:17 pm
I would like shadow from the clouds. Gonna be hard probably. Not sure what we put in for version 1.0 but at least we can improve the main daylight engine for some time.
June 05, 2010, 08:08:02 am
If i wants to use my own shaders i must use it via OO?
There is also some minor problems, However it might be toomuch for version 1 but after crysis game users expectation rised alot.

1. water receive shadow
2. Shadow refraction  inside water
June 05, 2010, 09:58:53 am
Well we are not targeting gamers Tongue
June 05, 2010, 10:11:41 am
Anyway, Fantastic result.  Grin
Could you please explain what Speedtree dose that is impossible to build without Speedtree in Quest3D? As far as i know these things are possible with Quest3D.

1. LOD for plants
2. Vertex shader to move plants
3. Hardware instancing

Anything else? And iam not talking about model itself. Also i know Speedtree output an special shader for plants to animate wind force based on direction even with falloff.
June 05, 2010, 10:56:53 am
The main reason we wanted speedtree is for the models. For the rest you can probably make it similiar with Quest3d.
June 05, 2010, 11:00:28 am
Well we are not targeting gamers Tongue
So Silex3D targets architect users, isn't?
June 05, 2010, 11:16:02 am
Basically in version 1.0 we will try to target everyone who needs daylight to visualize a 3d model. With 3 output formats, print resolution shots, movies and realtime walkthroughs.
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