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Author Topic: Test for Burgos Provincial Palace (web viewer application)  (Read 6446 times)
December 18, 2009, 09:38:54 pm
Was there a specific reason requiring the manual install approach?

I'm using the 4.2 web viewer because of sugestions I read in the forum and I found it works in the systems I tested. I don't know if there are other versions with diferent behavior..
December 18, 2009, 09:44:09 pm

I just made and upload some improvements (I hope).

I'll ve glad if you could test it again, especially those of you who saw some malfunction.

Thanks to all again.

January 29, 2010, 06:33:51 pm
Amusing. Great work. It's easy to test something this nice.


Some issues I encountered (Vista SP2 32bits, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.5.7, Google Chrome

- On Firefox and Google Chrome, it didn't go past "Cargando 100%".
- As reported before, I believe the manual instalation of the plugin for IE would be a downer.
- On Firefox and IE, the application resized the browser window. It didn't happen on Chrome. I believe it was intented, but as a personal taste, I would rather have my windows behaving according to my preferences.

- It does not work well with tablets (absolute mouse position).
- The controls are bound to performance. Specially on corridors the translation may slow down too much (Geforce 9600M). You probably should multiply your movement with TC (or you are doing it nested on a chain) or use time-corrected damping instead of regular damping.
- You let the input CTRL on to rotate the view... I noticed while copying the address... the problem is that I then tryed to walk while rotating the view (CTRL+W  closed IE   Red face)


Some thoughts:
I loved the application. The viewport is small for us who are used to 3D, but bandwidth and domestic computers justify it.
But I do think that maybe the interior nature of the architecture would be more appreciated with a less wide proportion. At first I thought of a reduction of the zoom to enjoy the nice flooring and ceiling, but the perspective would become too distorted. So I think it would be nicer to navigate in a viewport more squared even being aware of the trend of wider displays.

I liked the default pace of the movement with SHIFT pressed (but it's relative since the speed is bound to performance). A faster movement would not give the same perception of value. Good choice.

I liked the upper mirror best, with the whiter appearence sugesting it is a surface.

I think that the hotspots navigation is a very good pratice for the general public. Better with it than requiring the user to learn how to navigate in 3D. If you wish to go further, maybe you could consider something more point and click, like the Boat demo. I missed the drag-on-screen rotation, but I assume it's my costume.

I loved the loading dummies.


If I use "Girar Vista" unusually fast when facing the entrance, there is a leap. Probably because of jump from 6.28 to 0 radians. But if you are using damping AND you limit rotation, how did you managed to make the damping to smoothly INCREASE from 6.28 to 0?

Did you use photos for all the lighting of ceilings and walls or somewhere it was easier to do it in CG?
January 30, 2010, 01:02:59 am
Tanks André for all your comments and sugestions.
I'll try to comment and answer each one as soon as I return from my curent travel.
January 30, 2010, 01:21:57 pm
In most case when clients with an issue of video memory, i can solve it just may making sure they use power of 2 texture, dds format and most cases you can even scale the texture by halve without lozing visual quality.
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