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Author Topic: How can I import a lot of collision objects in a few minutes  (Read 5197 times)
November 13, 2008, 10:14:50 pm
I have a big city in 3ds max, I also have 400+ dynamic objects that I've created in 3ds max using boxes, spheres and capsules. Is there a fast way of traslating my 400+ dynamic objects to q3d?

I've created this tool for PhysXforQuest, however it will work also with Newton and ODE.

How to run the maxscripts?
Go to "Utilities", press "MAXScript" button and open the script. Then go to Tools -> Evaluate All.

Write physics information
This MaxScript will write the objects information (position, rotation, size, radius, height) to file.

Load physics information
This q3d application let you read the information from the file you have just created with "Write physics information" MaxScript and store them in an array.
Before running this application, make sure that the "Group File Name" channel has your file name and the "Scale" channel has the size you want in your scene.

In the Example folder you will find a ragdoll exported from 3ds max to quest3d.

Create your collision objects in 3ds max using just boxes, capsules or spheres. Do not convert the object to poly or mesh, because the tool needs to read the information of size, radius and height. When scaling your objects do not use the "select and uniform scale", the scale of the objects always must be in (100,100,100). Use the parameters for scaling the objetcs: Length, Width, Height and radius.

known issues
- The 3ds max capsule has a different height than the PhysX capsule, and there are no relation between both heights. What I usually do is to use an "expression value" channel with the height and I substract an small value. For example: A-0.05.

Enjoy this tools!!! It will save you a lot of time.  Wink

* Physics information (159.83 KB - downloaded 742 times.)
November 14, 2008, 08:06:52 am
Many thanks for the Max script, makes life a little bit easier.
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