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Author Topic: Forum posting policies changed  (Read 5075 times)
May 07, 2008, 02:55:45 pm
For unregistered and guest users there are several policy changes:

-Downloads, User Profile, Community, SDK and Bugreports are only accesible for validated Quest3D users
- All topics are read-only with the exception of the 'For unregistered users' topic.
- All topics started by an unauthorized user are moved to the 'For unregistered users' topic.

If you are a registered valid Quest3D user there are no changes.

To upgrade your account to 'Authorized' you can enter your registration key in your user profile.

Please be aware that the following policies also apply:
- Unauthorized users receive no official support from staff.
- Posting illegal content or references to illegal software will result in an instant forum ban without warning.
- A forum ban can only be removed sending us your Quest3D registration key.
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