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Author Topic: How to start using learn Quest3D.  (Read 13588 times)
February 02, 2007, 11:11:06 am
Quest3D is a very flexible and powerful 3D real-time engine that can open a whole new world, especially for non programmers.
However some effort will be needed to get the grips on Quest3D.
Quest3D is easy to use but it has a steep learning curve.

So where do you start.
Watch the video tutorial

Read and do the tutorial manual

And read the reference manual
where the Channels Reference chapter gives the functions of all Quest3D channels.

Next you have this nice community forum, it hold a treasure of information and examples.
Some questions and issues are asked before, so please try a search before posting you question.

Also available is the knowledgebase at, collecton of templates, tips and trick, tutorials,...

Happy Channeling
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